Upcoming Workshops

Sound Bath w/ Amy B & Fabian - December 16

During this unique experience, participants will be enveloped in a refreshing bath of vibration from a wide variety of ancient sound-healing instruments, including planetary tuned gongs and crystal singing bowls. All you need to do is stay open to the experience and let the vibrations carry you off into a delightful 90 minute meditation concert of sacred sound.

Why Sound?
Sound affects us on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, and can bring balance to us in ways we never imagined. Sound Baths are a powerful way to balance the body and mind and to complete the path to a happy and extended life. Other benefits include increased relaxation, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety... and so much more!

Amy is a Master Yoga Instructor with 15 years experience in the Science of Yoga and Energy Healing. She consistently teaches and shares yoga with deep compassion, humor and warmth. Amy's classes are a refreshing, resilient and empowering experience. She will guide your through a memorable Sound Bath experience as you are bathed in therapeutic sound waves.

Fabian is a Yogi, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach and practitioner of shamanic healing. One of the methods he utilizes to empower participants in finding their truth and purpose is what is known as a Sound Bath.

$25 early bird, $30 at the door